'Passionate people in creative chaos' an insight into Mind Candy from President, Divinia Knowles

An Audience with Mind Candy President, Divinia Knowles - Thursday 19th February 2015 @ Campus London

We were lucky enough to have Divinia Knowles, the driving force behind digital gaming startup Mind Candy, at TechHub last week! Adding to the excitement was the presence of TechHub Co-founder and CEO, Elizabeth Varley, who was the deft conduit used to deliver an insight into Divina and Mind Candy's journey over the past few years.

The audience waited with baited breath, some excited to hear announcements about Mind Candy's breakout success, Moshi Monsters, others eager to hear from two of the most prominent and successful women on the London tech scene.

We were privy to Divinia's journey, which lead from archaeology and antiques all the way through to Mind Candy and gave a really personalised insight in to who she is. A great quote to warm the cockles of a bootstrapping heart was 'I have no work life balance, work is my life, life is my work'.

Divinia attributed the runaway success of Moshi Monsters to having a team of 'passionate people in creative chaos' and the overall success of Mind Candy to never staying static - always moving but keeping the core culture. This is reflected by the fact that Mind Candy is currently in its third conception 'Mind Candy 3.0'.

The keenest question during the Q&A, vaunted as the best question of the night was 'What is your favourite growth hack?' - the simple answer to this was 'The Moshi Monsters ecosystem'. Taking things offline and getting products banned from school playgrounds certainly made Mind Candy and Moshi Monster household names!