A huge 21 events coming up @TechHub!

We have a really fantastic selection of events coming up at TechHub, including an intimate event with the "god of VC" Fred Destin (just for TechHub Members), TechHub Finance Week, sessions on marketing, our monthly Mobile Day, TechHubTuesday Demo Night and absolutely loads more.

We have a huge 21 events for you at TechHub between now and early October. Yes, that's twenty-one, two one, events over the next three weeks - we're starting Autumn off with a bang!

Did we mention that most of these events are completely free for TechHub Members? If you've been thinking about joining, now's a great time!

DevTank Wed, 14 Sept, 6:45pm

Brought to you by those behind the highly successful DrinkTank, DevTank provides an opportunity for developers working for (or wanting to work for) tech startup companies in London to exchange ideas and experiences about the technology behind successful startup companies. Reserve your place on the meetup site.

Londroid London Android User Group Thur, 15 Sept

Kieran Gutteridge will be giving a quick rundown of some of the frameworks and tools that are available if you decide you want to take advantage of mobile web technologies to produce your content. And "From Hobby to App Success" - Chris Banes will be talking about his journey over the past 18 months, taking FriendCaster from a spare time hobby to over 1.5 million downloads. To register visit the meetup website.

Finance Week @TechHub - 19-23 September

Business & Financial Planning Workshop with Jim Bailey Mon, 19 Sept, 2:00-5:00pm

Free for Members
How do you work out a company valuation - what your startup is worth? How do you make sure you have a financial plan in place that works for you and your company? Introducing you to some key financial issues, Jim will demonstrate how a sound financial plan can support overall business or strategic objectives. Brought to you as part of TechHub's 'Finance Week', this workshop aims to provide tech startups/entrepreneurs with an introduction to some key financial considerations when building a business plan and raising finance. Book now!

Barclays Business Banking 1-2-1s Tue, 20 Sept, 2:00-3:40pm

How do you manage your cashflow? What kind of financial compliance issues do you have to think about when you start a company? How can you make your business plan stand out? What do you need from your business banking? As part of Barclays� commitment to the government�s TechCity initiative, members of Barclays Business team will be here to offer 1-2-1 advice to help you with business banking and financial things. The sessions will also provide an opportunity for the Barclays team to listen to & understand unique issues facing tech startups, suggest where existing services can help & continue to develop Barclays' support of the sector. Please mail your company details to hello@techhub.com once you've registered on the event page.

Members Drinks Tue, 20 Sept, 6:00-8:30pm

Members Only
Get together, meet each other, exchange ideas and contacts and recognise more faces when you're at TechHub. We'll also make special announcements, let you know about great new member offers and deals at these evenings, so make sure you come along! We host these each month on the third Tuesday of the month. These events are completely free for TechHub Members, so register your details now and come along.

Your Accounts with Kingston Smith Accountants Wed, 21 Sept, 2:00-3:40pm

What are the basics for bookkeeping and accountancy when you start a company? Is it better to hire contractors or employees? How can you benefit from R&S tax rebates? The specialist tech team from top 20 accountants, Kingston Smith, will be providing valuable guidance in 1-2-1 sessions for tech entrepreneurs. To sign up please email your company details to hello@techhub.com once you've registered on the event page.

ArabicOnline.eu Software Wednesday, 21 Sept, 6:30 PM

ArabicOnline.eu is an interactive online language learning software that offers a beginners course in Modern Standard Arabic for self-study or classroom use. It was developed with support of the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme. Join us for an evening that brings together the worlds of education, technology, eLearning, cross-cultural understanding and business. Book today!

Startup Lifecycle: taking your company from idea to maturity Fred Destin, Atlas Venture Thu 22 September, 10.00am-12.00pm

Members Only
We're so excited to have "a god of VC" in the house for this special TechHub Member-only event (use your member code on the registration page). Fred is visiting from the US, and we're extremely privileged to have some time in his busy schedule. Gaining insight from a VC stalwart on startups is hugely advantageous, especially when you're thinking about raising capital now or in the future. Do not miss this event.

Crunching Your Tax! Seminar Thur, 22 Sept, 2:00-3:30pm

Free for Members
What's the most tax-efficient way to pay yourself as a startup founder? What's flat rate tax and can it mean more money in your account at the end of the year? Is there an easy way to manage the books? This whole tax thing hurts my head, how does it work? Founders of accountancy firm Crunch - Darren Fell (MD) and Steve Crouch (awarded Taxation Specialist of the Year 2010 from Sage!) - will be providing a presentation that will help any freelancer or small business get to grips with their tax. Book now!

Demo Your Finance Product Fri, 23 Sept

Members Only
We are offering the opportunity for any TechHub Members with financial products to do a show and tell on the Friday (23rd) of Finance Week. If you are interested please mail hello@techhub.com

GTUG, Developing with Angularjs Tue 27 Sep, 6.30pm

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for building interactive client-side web apps. It is designed to work well together with other libraries, especially jQuery. Testing is one of the most important ideas behind AngularJS - it provides a full testing environment and helps you to design testable code. AngularJS is an open source project powered by Google. Currently there are many internal apps built on the top of AngularJS - you can check out more at angularis.org. Get more info and register here.

TechHub Residents Lunch Thu, 29 Sept, 1:00�2:30pm

Current TechHub Resident Members Only
A great opportunity to get to know the other great entrepreneurs and startup teams who share your workspace. An excellent way to meet other Members and find out more about them, their companies and products. Lunch is usually pretty social, if you're new you might start talking about work, but by the end of
lunch there's usually lots of laughing and general chat.
Book today!

API Developer Day Saturday 1 October, 9.00am-6.00pm

API Developer Day is a one-day event to celebrate APIs and the amazing things we can build with them. Find a team or go solo, meet new local developers and API teams, get coding support, collect swag, build the best thing you can in one day and demo it to the group. We'll have some short technical lightning talks in the morning so you can learn about some new APIs and ask questions from the people that build them. Want to pitch your API? Get in touch to reserve your spot. If you have an app idea and need a team member, or don't have a team yet but want to join one, we'll have an idea pitch session too. Then go code - any language or platform you want, just use APIs and build something awesome. At the end of the day demo what you built and even win some prizes, so register now. Sponsored by Apigee and BlueVia.

Roundabout Brewery Launch Thu 29 Sep, 6.30pm

Join us at TechHub for the launch of Silicon Roundabout's very own microbrewery! You'll be able to sample a selection of craft-brewed beers and the brewer will be on-hand to talk you through them. This event is free and starts at 6.30pm, continuing until we've run out of beer. This is a community microbrewery project and we're inviting beer-lovers from the local Shoreditch/Old Street/Hackney areas to join us for the launch. General tickets are sold out, but there's a small handful of TechHub Member tickets still available (four, at the time of writing), so move quickly to nab yourself a ticket!

Mobile Day: BlueVia 1-2-1s Mon 3 Oct

Have a chat with the Telefonica/O2 guys about all things mobile, mobile marketing-related and find out more about BlueVia. Limited slots available, so keep an eye on the registration page.

Mobile Day: TechHub Mobile Meetup Mon 3 Oct, 1.00-2.30pm Free
Meet other tech entrepreneurs who have an interest in mobile, bring your lunch and have a chat about what's going on in the world of mobile right now while you munch. This event is exclusively for tech entrepreneurs and developers working in mobile, and we always have someone interesting to kick off the discussions. Book now!

TechHubTuesday: Demo Night - Mobile Apps Tue 4 October, 6.30pm

Free for Members
Come along, meet other tech entrepreneurs, have a drink and show everyone the mobile app you're working on. If you'd like to demo your product, enter the details in the registration form on the event page when you register for the event and we'll confirm with you if you have a demo slot, as they're limited and so many great companies apply. Book now! The best three Android apps will receive a free ticket to Droidcon and the chance to demo their app on the Droidcon stage.

Marketing Day (and a half) @TechHub - Wed 5-6 October

Theory of Launch, Marketing Workshop Wed 5 October, 2.00-5.00pm Free for Members
With an abundance of new startups appearing every day how do you achieve that all-important cut through to reach your target audience? In this workshop Charlotte Hogg, MD of advertising agency, Gather and Throw, will introduce you to, and help you understand and apply the 'Theory of Launch', a set of steps designed to successfully launch and accelerate technology-based startups. Game on! Register now.

PR 1-2-1s with Ubiquity Comms Wed 5 Oct, afternoon slots Free
Ubiquity Comms invites tech startups & entrepreneurs to join them for one-to-one 'mini PR workshops to find out how you can generate media coverage, online buzz and awareness of your product or company on a shoestring. Ubiquity specialises in working with tech companies and was voted one of the top 10 PR agencies in a 2011 Peerindex poll. Limited places, so get in quickly!

Marketing for Startups with Google's Obi Felten Wed, 5 Oct, 6:30pm-9:30pm

Free for Members
Following a highly successful Office Hours here at TechHub last month we are delighted to have Obi Felten, Director of Consumer Marketing for EMEA, Google back with us for an evening to share her considerable experience and insight. She's Google's marketing guru! Focusing on themes and ideas to help startups and entrepreneurs get maximum marketing value from limited resources, Obi will be doing a 10-15 minute talk before opening the floor to 45-50 mins of questions. An excellent opportunity, so book today!

Perfect Pitch, Pitching Workshop with Diana Lowe Thu 6 October, 2.00pm-5.00pm

With an abundance of startups vying for investor attention and limited sources of funding available how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd and capture the imagination of those whose opinion (and cash!) really matters? Pitch Perfect will provide you with valuable skills designed to help you promote your product, idea or service to investors and consumers.
The workshop will take you through constructing and practicing your pitch, as well as critically evaluating both yours and those of others. It will also touch on basic presenting skills. Book today

Droidcon (not held at TechHub) 6-7 October

TechHub is delighted to be a media partner of the UK's largest Android-only developer conference, Droidcon in London. Day 1 is a Barcamp, to give everyone in the audience a chance to talk about any topic they'd like - the more popular the topic, the bigger the room. Day 2 has great sessions covering development, design, business, enterprise and gaming. If you're working with Android, you can't afford to miss it. If you're a TechHub Member, check your latest Member News email for a special discount code.