A busy month of July at TechHub Bucharest

Preparing for a hot month of August in Bucharest, here's a look-back on how July looked for the TechHub Bucharest community!

We started the month hosting the Programatica - Mobile World conference, organized by Agora. Participants got to enjoy some nice talks on topics like Magento, Drupal 8 as a first-class mobile platform or Why you won't get rich in a month from you mobile app and workshops delivered by Microsoft and Zitec specialists.

In the first Saturday of July we got to work out our programming muscle during a Code Retreat organized by the guys at Mozaic Works. Pair-programming, strict programming slots, delete code, retrospect and start again - not easy stuff, but definitely educating!

We then went on organizing our first TechHub Open Hours session, having Bitdefender CEO, Florin Talpes, as a mentor. 12 tech companies got 20 minutes of private talk with Mr. Talpes and got very useful feedback and advice from him. We're tweaking the format a bit and will soon bring you more awesome mentors to meet!

The next Thursday was the first time we hosted an event of the "Talks" by Softbinator series. The event started with some cool geeky presentations on Hardware acceleration in modern browsers by Robert Hasna, MySQL performance - tips and tricks by Tiberiu Savin and Physics-based animation by Horea Alexandra Caramizaru and was concluded with an interesting debate on the development of the internet towards a data semantics driven network, by professor Cristian Kevorchian. It was a pleasure meeting the cool community of programmers and we're looking forward to more awesome "Talks"!

On July 17, Akcees launched the long-awaited second edition of their magazine, filled with entrepreneurial stories, tips and tricks for entrepreneurs and great insights on the entrepreneurial climate of Romania. The event included two panels with entrepreneurs like Malina Iordache (The Institute for Happiness), Stefania Popa (Incubator 107), Traian Bruma (CROS Learning House), Razvan Pascu (Travel Communications Romania), Mihai Rotaru (CleverTaxi) and Vladimir Oane (uberVU). The panels were moderated by Claudiu Vrinceanu (Wall-Street) and followed by refreshments and networking fun.

The next day was time for another premiere for us. We organized our first TechHub Meetup, bringing on stage 3 of the tech guys behind Bitdefender. Bogdan Dumitru - CTO, Catalin Cosoi - Chief Security Strategist and Viorel Canja - Head of Antimalware and Antispam Labs told us their stories of developing the world-class security products and their involvement and development in the company. They shared "behind the scenes" info on how things get done in the tech team and how new products get born as well as fun stuff that happened while the company was growing from a team of two to a team of over 300.

On the next Saturday, Akcees organized a special edition of their Workshop Sessions regular events. The workshop was delivered by Daniel Ramamoorthy - entrepreneur, investor, startup consultant and trainer at Start Me Up summer school. Participants learned the first steps in starting a business with no money, beginning with the lean canvas and moving on to marketing, finance and social media, all the way to MVPs and pitching.

Sunday was no day of rest for the techies in the Bucharest community. Maria Nita and Ada Solcan delivered a 6-hours workshop, taking the participants through the Ruby on Rails essentials. What's Ruby on Rails, what are its advantages and disadvantages, how to create your first app, authenticating users, versioning with Git & Github, going for the clouds with Heroku and debugging your code - it was all covered. More workshops on similar topics will be coming, if you want to be the first to find out, you can leave your email address.

We also enjoyed another Members' breakfast together, learning about the new members, the old members' development and went through interesting talks with our special visitors - Maria Diaconescu, founder of SlickFlick and Fabian Dittrich from Zendesk.

Plus, we got the chance to have a sneak peek into the following The Founders series, that will be running on LTV.ro this autumn, which was filmed at TechHub.

Some of the members got to meet for a long-awaited basketball workout - no pics of that yet, but we'll try to sneak a camera next time. There's even talk of going on a biking tour, fingers crossed for some appropriate weather coolness! And then there was also plenty of time for the classic eyes-on-your-computer work.

Thanks again to everyone who contributes to the community and makes TechHub the great meeting place for the techies in the area. Enjoy a great August!