Six reasons you should join TechHub Bangalore!

We're incredibly excited to be launching TechHub in Bangalore. If you're a local startup, here are six reasons why you should join TechHub.

1. Workspace

TechHub provides tech-focused, high speed wifi-enabled workspace & places to meet. We have options for all types of tech product startups, if you're looking for a desk for you and your team with 24/7 access, a private enclosed office space or shared desks you can use a few times a week. TechHub Bangalore also has meeting and board rooms, phone booths, free-to-use event space, breakout spaces and a roof terrace.


2. Community

TechHub is a curated community of successful like-minded entrepreneurs who are all building technology products, our members are first-time entrepreneurs with only an idea through to serial entrepreneurs such as Alex Trewby, who recently sold his enterprise startup Divide to Google. All entrepreneurs have similar issues to overcome and TechHub fosters an environment where members can learn from one another, make contacts and make friends. Not to mention we host weekly breakfasts and drinks!

3. Programmes

We get to know every one of our members though the TechHub growth programme. We will help you at key moments in your business life cycle including launching your product and raising investment. We run events that connect you with industry leaders and mentors. We run dozens of events a year on business, technology and design, including everything from how to build a great team to selling into large enterprises. We work with local service providers to get you free or discounted advice on legal, accounting, recruitment matters and we provide a whole host of discounts for online services and at local amenities.

Our first major event in Bangalore will be our inaugural monthly Demo Night, which is an opportunity for you to show off your product and get feedback. Interested in attending our Demo Night in August? Sign up here! or email us to demo your product at

4. Global Network

All TechHub members have free access to all TechHub spaces around the world and all members are connected though the online member network. So if you're just in town for a conference or looking to expand to a new market, TechHub is a great platform to plug you straight into the local startup ecosystem. Over the coming months we will be launching several initiatives to help connect Indian startups to the UK, European and US markets.

5. We don't take equity.

We don't take equity in the companies that join us.

6. Awesome parties

A couple of times a year, we celebrate with some really great parties! They're a great chance for members to get to know each other, to interact with industry leaders and have a great time. Check out photos of TechHub London's birthday party just last week.

Join TechHub Bangalore now from 3000 Rupees per month, sign up for a tour of TechHub and follow us on twitter.

Are you a community hero, investor, service provider or serial entrepreneur? We want to hear from you!