5 tips for using a New Top Level Domain Name

Here at TechHub, we love the new top level domains (TLDs) that are coming out so much that we got in early with a �dot London� for our new community site.

However, a lot of people are unsure about what the new top level domains are and how they can use them.

Here are our top 5 tips on using a new TLD:

  1. Think carefully about how the domain you choose - after all, it is going to reflect your brand. It sounds pretty exciting to have a �.guru� or a �.ninja� domain, for example, but does it really represent you and what your site is trying to put across? If you have a local business, a local domain can

  2. Check the top level domain you�re going for is legitimate - a lot of the places that offer �pre registration� for a domain name are doing it for domains that may never make it. Unless you are lucky enough to know someone who can help you out, it�s probably best to wait until the TLD has been officially launched before you spend any cash.

  3. Check if the domain registration is open or closed - some TLDs require you to be approved before using them, which may cause you problems if you are relying on getting a particular domain and you are refused it. On the other hand, being one of the few to have a restricted domain could be a mark of quality for your brand.

  4. Don�t worry too much about the techie side of things - before we launched we�d heard scare stories about how the new TLDs could only be used with IPv6, or how some people wouldn�t be able to access them - we haven�t had these problems at all. However, if you�re planning to have more than one TLD point to the same site, think about your Search Engine Optimisation, and make sure you have a canonical site selected, so that it doesn�t look like you have duplicate content.

  5. Don�t be constrained by 26 characters - there are some great new TLDs in several different alphabets - why stick to English when there is so many more options? Our favourite non english TLD is ??? (xn--6qq986b3xl) � Chinese for "I love you"

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